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Quitaxon (Doxepin)

Quitaxon is a tricyclic antidepressant used to treat depression. It can also be applied on the skin to relieve itching associated with atopic dermatitis or lichen simplex chronicus. It may also be used as an analgesic for certain chronic and neuropathic pain and for anxiety.

Other names for this medication:
Doxepin, Sinequan, Adapin, Anten, Aponal, Deptran, Doneurin, Doxal, Doxin, Expan, Gilex, Mareen, Quitaxon, Silenor, Sinepin, Zonalon,

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Topical Quitaxon is used to relieve itching in patients with certain types of eczema. It appears to work by preventing the effects of histamine, which is a substance produced by the body that causes itching.

Quitaxon is available only with your doctor's prescription.

This product is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Cream

quitaxon 25 mg oxycodone

We use a simulation model to examine four of the most common hypotheses for the latitudinal richness gradient and identify patterns that might be diagnostic of those four hypotheses. So, the thermoneutral zone is supported by the mechanism described, and the value of the thermoneutral zone is due to the shell size. Bifenthrin and beta-cyfluthrin were less transferable, exhibiting moderate-to-low mortality rates similar to the controls. The neuropsychological impairments in this patient, were consistent with the observed neuroanatomical changes revealed on 3D image reconstruction.

quitaxon 10 mg oxycodone

In-situ fabrication of nanostructured cobalt oxide powders by spray pyrolysis technique. Heavy metal concentrations in some gastropods and bivalves collected from the fishing zone of South India. Evidence from the literature for cholinergic innervation of the mammalian olfactory bulb was then assessed in light of possible correlation between reported sites of termination of centrifugal fibers to the olfactory bulb and the localization of AChE. However, there is currently no consensus regarding the optimal strategy. This challenge gave rise to many efforts, e.g., combing multiple tumor markers and employing machine learning algorithms.

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The results of our study imply that the monitoring of the NAG activity in urine during the enalapril therapy of hypertension, may to be a indicator of protective action of the drug on the kidney and its antihypertensive efficacy. Providers are facing an increasingly complex payment system and are required to assume growing levels of financial risk. Optoelectronic plethysmography (OEP) is a non-invasive motion capture method to measure chest wall movements and estimate lung volumes.

quitaxon 10 mg oxycodone

The state of coronary flow was estimated by means of the Holter-monitoring and treadmill-test results. This agglutination was inhibited by addition of acetylglucosamine or by a solubilized membrane fraction which was bound by a column of WGA-Sepharose. Toxicological assessment of kretek cigarettes: Part 1: background, assessment approach, and summary of findings.

quitaxon doxepin hydrochloride

If confirmed, our findings could have important implications for population health. Five cases of pleural effusion associated to thionamides have also been reported, two with propylthiouracil and three with carbimazole. We examined T-cell proliferation in five patients with X-linked hyper-IgM syndrome (XHIM), using a panel of antigens and lectins. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is frequently associated with only partial restoration of CD4 T-cell levels.

quitaxon effects secondaires du

cereus endophthalmitis followed a more rapid and virulent course than E. Construction and expression of human EpCAM eukaryotic expression vectors and identification of their products The RING-BRCT fusion co-localized at foci with the MDC1 DNA damage response factor and inhibited entry of endogenous BRCA1 into nuclear foci. The identification of membrane-associated and secreted genes that are differentially expressed is a useful step in defining new targets for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

quitaxon effects secondaires du

Metastatic adenocarcinoma involving a mesothelial/monocytic incidental cardiac excrescence (cardiac MICE) Laurdan exhibits an emission spectral shift which correlates with the phase state of the membrane. The use of art and music therapy in substance abuse treatment programs. On the other hand, the study of the concatenated genes revealed a high genetic variability among the different Mcc isolates.

quitaxon 25 mg promethazine

Bedbugs--hematophagous parasitic arthropods of the genus Cimex--have been unwelcome bedfellows for humans for thousands of years. Purification and characterization of acetone carboxylase from Xanthobacter strain Py2. Cryopreservation is associated with extensive damage to cell membranes, and results in alteration of the functional and metabolic status of the cells and mitochondria. A 32-year-old man was referred to our hospital for primary infertility of a 4.5-year duration.

quitaxon 25 mg benadryl

Fifteen endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatographies (ERCP) were performed between 1977 and 1979 in 13 children aged 2 months to 13.9 years (mean 8.9 years). Effects of interventions on the demand for hospital services in an influenza pandemic: a sensitivity analysis. Brain Cancer in Workers Employed at a Laboratory Research Facility. In contrast, put5 plants had smaller leaves, thinner flowering stems, and produced fewer siliques.

quitaxon 10 mg ambien

Serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor and basic fibroblastic growth factor in children with hemangiomas and vascular malformations--preliminary report. However, some studies have found low cortisol levels, while others have found elevated cortisol levels.

quitaxon 10 mg ambien

Proceedings of the 9th Tokyo Institute of Psychiatry International Symposium. Giardia duodenalis: improved detection of viable cysts by reverse transcription-PCR of heat shock-inducible hsp70 gene. Three-dimensional conformal hypofractionated high-dose radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy can be an effective and practical approach to treat NSCLC, but local recurrence remains the major factor of treatment failure. Lipid levels and cardiovascular risk in elderly women: a general population study of the effects of hormonal treatment and lipid-lowering agents. Outcome in Indian patients with cCRT followed by AC is similar to that reported in the literature.

quitaxon 10 mg ambien

Ultrasonography has become the tool of choice for diagnosing carotid artery stenosis because it is both readily accessibility and reliable. It also requires organization and is affected by complex economic issues, which are subject to ethical considerations. Rarely these lesions can attain a giant size and pose a challenge in surgical treatment.

quitaxon 25 mg benadryl

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quitaxon 25 mg benadryl

Dynamic studies of the interaction of a pH responsive, amphiphilic polymer with a DOPC lipid membrane. Comparison of plasma cardiac troponins T and I in chronically hemodialyzed patients in relation to cardiac status and age. A phylogenomic framework for assessing the global emergence and evolution of clonal complex 398 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. These HIM-CO-Leu-D-Trp-D-Phe(-R)-OH compounds as ETA antagonists may provide a tool for the development of therapeutic agents in the treatment of putative ET-1-related disorders. The paediatric flat foot proforma (p-FFP): improved and abridged following a reproducibility study.

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Cell proliferation was measured by 3H-thymidine incorporation and EGF receptor (EGFR) binding was assessed by Scatchard analysis. The caudal complex of Giardia lamblia and its relation to motility. Paroxetine, like other SSRIs, is reported not to increase the number of malformations in infants exposed to these drugs in utero. Only 3 of the 8 cats showed a hyperexcitable response under hypoxia after lesioning, and they all recovered to the control state by 10 days. Contemporary surgical and rehabilitative techniques give the best opportunity for restoration of functional activity.

quitaxon 50 mg effects secondaires

Developmental alterations of DHPG-induced long-term depression of corticostriatal synaptic transmission: switch from NMDA receptor-dependent towards CB1 receptor-dependent plasticity. Forty six term sick neonates transferred for neonatal care and forty healthy term neonates who served as normal controls for urinary B2M excretion. Immunostaining for neurofilament protein, GFAP, vimentin, and S-100 protein revealed variable amounts of fibrils within the bundle-like structures. Healthy volunteers selected for the study had no evidence of ocular disease. The synthesis and biological evaluation of a range of novel functionalized benzopyrans as potential potassium channel activators.

quitaxon doxepine overdose

In one patient who received active laser treatment, acute hearing deterioration occurred after the third irradiation. Prior exposure to ethanol altered the amount of ethanol consumed in a mouse strain-dependent manner. Unlike other HIV-associated cancers, there has been no significant change in the incidence, clinical features, or overall survival since the introduction of HAART. These studies suggest that the loss of lymphocyte production of IL-4 after ethanol exposure and burn injury may contribute to the exaggerated production of IL-6, a known mediator of immune suppression after injury. Kinematics from 97 children with spastic bilateral cerebral palsy from spine angles according to Plug-In Gait model (Vicon) were plotted relative to their GMFCS level.

quitaxon 50 mg effets secondaires

Large fitness benefits from polyandry in the honey bee, Apis mellifera. Isolation and identification of microorganisms was done using the standard procedure. Cases presented with a complaint of vaginal bleeding and had diagnoses consistent with presentation during early pregnancy.

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Concurrent infections of Trichinella spiralis and Toxoplasma gondii in mice. An increased number of occlusal contacts were recorded in total-arch and posterior combined (actual/near) teeth during the retention period as compared with the control group. The incubation with the medium exposed to PMMA induced a significant reduction in the viability and a significant increase in lipoperoxide liberation (vs control). Higher trophic level species such as parasites, parasitoids, and pathogens are frequently ignored in community studies, despite playing key roles in the structure, function, and stability of ecological communities. ICC require cellular signalling via Kit, a receptor tyrosine kinase, for development and maintenance of phenotype.

quitaxon doxepine overdose

Pdef has been shown to down-regulate the invasive and migratory potential of breast tumors. Specific knockdown of TCTP significantly impaired cell proliferation and colony-formation capacity in both OS cell lines. Despite a high frequency of metastases, there are only isolated reports of ACC that have metastasized to the skin.

doxepin-ratiopharm 50 mg nebenwirkungen tamoxifen

The present study found the hexapodal fixator to be more effective in conserving or restoring mechanical axes during progressive bone lengthening for fibular hypoplasia. We have elaborated techniques to stabilize the RNA hairpins by linking the free ends of the RNA strand at the base of the hairpin stem. This critical review focuses on all aspects related to this new burgeoning technology, occasionally also including literature obtained on aqueous applications or related membrane processes, if of relevance to understand SRNF better.

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The relationship between suicidal behaviour and antidepressant medication use is complex and requires further investigation. Treatment of parturient rats with 100 micrograms oestradiol/day caused a significant retardation of uterine involution and collagen breakdown.

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Effects of anesthesia with isoflurane, fentanyl, vecuronium and oxygen-nitrous oxide breathing on bronchial mucus transport In patients with atherosclerotic disease, a high pulse pressure is an important predictor of cardiovascular events. With right atriotomy under total cardiopulmonary bypass, the right atrial mass was identified as arising from the noncoronary Sinus of Valsalva.

doxepin 25 mg cena 2000

IgE reactivities and allergenic activities of three isovariants and an allergen of a different group were compared in a selected group of four grass pollen allergic patients by immunoblot, histamine-release and skin-prick tests. It is unlikely that common SNPs in these genes account for a substantial proportion of the genetic risk for schizophrenia, although small effects cannot be ruled out. Cellular junctions of the lining epithelium of the efferent ductules of the mouse, guinea pig, and human testes were examined by freeze-fracture. Nanopore sensing of botulinum toxin type B by discriminating an enzymatically cleaved Peptide from a synaptic protein synaptobrevin 2 derivative. Out of 1503 evaluated patients, 2/3 were randomly selected to the development sample of the new tool and 1/3 to the performance verification sample.

silenor doxepin tablets 6mg of xanax

Concomitant P(p) and P(c) measurements on grapevines confirmed the relationship between T(f) and P(c). The control of renin secretion from renal juxtaglomerular granular cells on the cellular level is not yet completely understood. Selective type IV phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors elicit anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory activities in vitro and in vivo which suggest that these drugs could provide a new therapeutic approach for asthma treatment. Geriatric psychiatrists diagnosed dementia according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition, Revised. Silver nanoparticles have emerged as a promising non-drug antimicrobial agent which has shown effectiveness against a wide range of both Gram-negative and Gram-positive pathogen.

quitaxon effects secondaires de l

Our previous study showed the involvement of transcription regulation of DAB2IP in metastasis of colorectal cancer (CRC). Crotoxin is a heterodimeric phospholipase A2 neurotoxin formed by the non-covalent association of an acidic and non-toxic subunit, CA, and a basic and weakly toxic phospholipase A2, CB.

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The responses to coincident activation of excitatory and inhibitory inputs exhibited membrane shunting in that the excitatory response amplitude, adjusted for changes in driving force, was attenuated during the onset of the inhibitory response. Search for Electronic Recoil Event Rate Modulation with 4 Years of XENON100 Data. Sputum cytology and IL-8 in serum and sputum were related to lung function impairment. Edaravone (3-methyl-1-phenyl-2-pyrazolin-5-one), a novel free radical scavenger, for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Whether used alone or in a combination with vaccines eliciting HIV-neutralizing antibodies, efforts must be made to develop a T cell vaccine that stimulates a broad and long-lasting response.

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Evidence of a direct action of angiotensin II on neurones in the septum and in the medial preoptic area. Neonatologists, trainees in paediatrics and neonatal nurses are generally more optimistic about outcome than their counterparts in obstetrical care and this is reflected in a greater willingness to provide resuscitation efforts at the limits of viability. Although these in vitro results do not prove that dystrophin is not a dimer in vivo, they do indicate that this interaction is not like that of the alpha-actinin and spectrin. Retrospective study of 1130 preschool children (3-5 years of age) who had detailed infant feeding and non-nutritive sucking activity history collected by a structured questionnaire.

quitaxon 10 mg hydrocodone

Budesonide was given intratracheally in 2 doses of 0.25 mg/kg each by means of inpulsion effect of high-frequency jet ventilation 0.5 and 2.5 hours after meconium instillation to oxygen-ventilated adult rabbits. The long-term effect of mind-body therapies on quality of life (QoL), depression, anxiety, and fatigue was tested prospectively in this study. Surgical treatment of arterial diseases of the lower extremities during the past 2 years Design of scytalone dehydratase inhibitors as rice blast fungicides: (N-phenoxypropyl)-carboxamides. Perioperative use of HBIG combined with long-term use of lamivudine can prevent HBV infection in recipients who receive hepatic allografts from HBcAb-positive donors.

quitaxon 10 mg hydrocodone

Although transplantation of skeletal myoblast (SkM) in models of chronic myocardial infarction (MI) induces an improvement in cardiac function, the limited engraftment remains a major limitation. The findings of the present study confirm the widespread distribution of CTX-M-type beta-lactamases and underscore the role that commensal E. Nutrigenetics: links between genetic background and response to Mediterranean-type diets. The chemical composition and ultrastructure of uroliths in Boer goats.

doxepin 100 mg dosierung

Chinese Children Dietary Index was formulated based on the current Chinese Dietary Guidelines and Food Guide Pagoda for children and adolescents, consisting of 12 components. Contrast transesophageal echocardiography combined with a ventilation maneuver is an effective method in detecting a patent foramen ovale. Effect of zinc deficiency and supplementation on lipid peroxidation of renal tissue in ovariectomized rats.

doxepin hcl 10mg ml ethidium

The intermolecular interaction between ligand and PNP is discussed. Required role of apoptotic myogenic precursors and toll-like receptor stimulation for the establishment of autoimmune myositis in experimental murine models. To investigate whether additional diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) improves therapy response evaluation by Gd-EOB magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) after radioembolization. One thousand five hundred and two patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus were prospectively followed in 15 hospital diabetes outpatient clinics in Spain.

doxepin hcl 50mg cap mylan 477

These results extend the burgeoning literature on cognitive abilities involved in video games by showing differential relationships of fluid abilities across different game types and extended play. A thin-filament-regulated latch-bridge model of smooth muscle contraction is proposed to integrate thin-filament-based inhibition of actomyosin ATPase activity with myosin phosphorylation in the regulation of smooth muscle mechanics. Studies appearing in peer reviewed literature, as well as results presented at international meetings not yet available as published papers, are included in this review.

doxepin dura 25 mg

A comparison between patients in whom stones form and controls in terms of the quantitative biochemical parameters evaluated (serum calcium, uric acid and inorganic phosphate, and urine calcium, uric acid, inorganic phosphate, oxalic acid, xanthine and alpha-amino-nitrogen) showed a significant difference only with respect to excretion of urinary oxalate by adults, which was higher in patients in whom stones form. This laser is characterized by a bias that changes sign with a change in the direction of rotation and prevents the counterpropagating modes from locking. Of these sites, the RS placement is recommended because of the ease of reading the pedometer during activity.

quitaxon 50 mg effects secondaires de l

Snorc promoter activity was studied by applying the LacZ reporter expressed by the targeting construct. Cardiovascular and interventional technologists: their growing role in the interventional suite. Spontaneous bilateral rupture of the Achilles tendon in a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Basic occupational health services (BOHS) in community primary care: the MSF (Dhaka) model. These metabolites were identified as 11alpha-hydroxyoxandrolone (2), 6alpha-hydroxyoxandrolone (3) and 9alpha-hydroxyoxandrolone (4), by different spectroscopic methods and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis for metabolite 2.

deptran doxepin medication

Trichostatin A modulates intracellular reactive oxygen species through SOD2 and FOXO1 in human bone marrow-mesenchymal stem cells. Proceedings: Functional and morphological changes occuring in rat adrenal zona glomerulosa cells in monolayer culture. NMR and molecular modeling studies on two glycopeptides from the carbohydrate-protein linkage region of connective tissue proteoglycans. Various plus unique: Viral protein U as a plurifunctional protein for HIV-1 replication.

quitaxon side effects

Our data suggest that the idea of distinguishing different sizes of GIA may be clinically less relevant than examining their location, shape or mass effect. Virtual screening and its integration with modern drug design technologies. In prostate cancer, reliable information about the lymph node status is of great importance for accurate staging and the optimal planning of treatment. Induction of human herpesvirus 8 gene expression in a posttransplantation primary effusion lymphoma cell line.

doxepin dosage sleep

coli strain that expresses this protein, designated fragment A, in a soluble form at markedly elevated levels. We have identified specific regions for which the H-bonding or solvent accessibility properties were perturbed by the mutations.

quitaxon 50 mg effects secondaires

The popularity of nanotechnology is increasing and revolutionizing extensively the drug delivery field. (-)-Nicotine (0.001, 0.005, 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5 and 1 mg/kg) was injected IP 30 min before testing for 5 min in the plus-maze. The top hits included genes previously shown to be able to confer resistance, and novel candidates were validated using individual sgRNA and complementary DNA overexpression. Mean DBP and HR values were significantly higher in SHD and TRAN subjects than in MHD and NOR subjects, while SBP values in SHD subjects were significantly lower than those in MHD, TRAN and NOR subjects.

quitaxon 10 mg adderall

Abnormally high values of ESR were present in 21 patients, including 18/22 metastatic patients and 3/11 nonmetastatic patients. Crossing the Communication Chasm: Challenges and Opportunities in Transitions of Care from the Hospital to the Primary Care Clinic.

quitaxon doxepin hcl

To investigate the changes of hemodynamic and laboratory parameters during the course of acute liver failure following acetaminophen overdose. Gonadal sex cord stromal tumor in a patient with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.

quitaxon effects secondaires

Asymmetric dioptric power matrices and corresponding thick lenses. RANK-L induces the expression of NFATc1, but not of NFkappaB subunits during osteoclast formation. Given its demonstrated antiinflammatory activity, platelet function inhibition, and antithrombotic effects along with a lack of effect on the GI mucosa, ML3000 may offer an alternative to the combination of a COX-2 inhibitor and aspirin in arthritis patients at risk for cardiovascular disease.

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doxepin 100 mg dosierung viagra 2011-03-25

The canine cruciate ligament transection model studies are frequently cited as the most convincing in vivo evidence of a benefit of oral tetracycline therapy for the treatment of OA. Comprehensive analysis of the two serum experiments showed that the quality controls all met the requirements. Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic (HI) injury has been considered to have acute and long term formador de formadores cap uned cr deleterious effects on many tissues, including the peripheral nerve.

doxepin hcl 10mg ml ethidium 2015-07-10

The use of microwave for immunohistochemical technology in forensic pathology Caution is advised when topiramate for benzo withdrawal seizures using anterolateral minimally invasive technique for plate insertion and screw placement in the distal tibia due to great variability in the neurovascular structures that course distally in the lower leg and cross the ankle.

doxepin 100 mg wirkung viagra 2014-10-27

The osteoarthritic stage and duinum clomiphene citrate bp 50mg diphenhydramine acromiohumeral distance were measured on standardized radiographs, and the transferred tendon aspect was evaluated on MRI. Nucleus reticularis neurons mediate diverse inhibitory effects in thalamus.

deptran doxepin medication 2013-02-14

Radiographs of the middle ear were made in five dogs 60 to 78 months after ventral bulla osteotomy was performed to treat otitis media. Production of NO by inducible NO synthase (iNOS) what is the medicine amlodipine besylate used for has been implicated in the pathology of spontaneous and antigen-induced autoimmune diseases, and iNOS is expressed in the myocardium of patients with heart failure.

quitaxon 50 mg effects secondaires 2014-10-30

In heteroplasmic tissue and blood samples, the predominant mitochondrial DNA population was significantly more divergent from the donor cell than the less frequent allele. At the end of the experiments the animals were killed and necropsies done. Previous studies derma e overnight peel ingredients in aleve of contraction in embryos have relied on developmentally programmed cell shape changes such as those that accompany ventral furrow formation in Drosophila, bottle cell formation in Xenopus, ingression in amniote embryos, and neurulation in vertebrate embryos. However, health of long-term unemployed may not decrease continually, but may be subject to fluctuations according to different phases of unemployment and short-term work. The GTPase Rho is known to mediate the assembly of integrin-containing focal adhesions and actin stress fibers.

doxepin medication information 2019-01-14

Phenol red (1, 10, or 100 mumol) was applied intratracheally to rat lungs in vivo and in an isolated lung preparation. Evaluation of an alum-containing mouthrinse for cadista lamotrigine generic manufacturer inhibition of salivary streptococcus mutans levels in children--a controlled clinical trial. Enhanced degradation of Herbicide Isoproturon in wheat rhizosphere by salicylic acid.

doxepin hcl 10mg ml ethidium 2010-11-15

OH and SH radicals are important in atmospheric chemistry because of their high reactivity. This was enabled by providing a separate view on ventricular and atrial activity, which resulted from the steps acyclovir tablets 800 mg shingles rash implied in the QRST suppression. Multiple cutaneous monoclonal B-cell proliferations as harbingers of systemic angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma. An approach to management of individuals with erythromelalgia includes patient education, learning to avoid episodes relieving discomfort of the episodes, controlling secondary and underlying factors, and use of drugs used to control erythromelalgia.

doxepin side effects in men 2011-04-30

Anti-villin localized a band that was significantly less in molecular weight than villin found in other cells. This retrospective review evaluated pediatric patients 0-18 years of age admitted to a 24-bed medical/surgical pediatric intensive care unit between June 1, 2012, and December 31, 2014, who received plasma-derived AT III. This is the first genome-scale maps of IS elements with detailed structural information on the sequence level. In fact, when controlling for observed system length and various job characteristics, we found that systems providing more conservative (i.e., longer) estimates of assessment baclofeno generico do viagra length produced lower overall attrition rates.

quitaxon 10 mg xanax 2013-12-30

In an attempt to refine the indications for posteroventral pallidotomy (PVP) the authors instituted strict selection criteria which are based on the experience gained from the first 60 pallidotomy patients treated at their institution. The adjusted Mascot human endometriotic tissues treated with dydrogesterone tablet threshold was compared with the default Mascot and X!Tandem scoring thresholds and shown to be more sensitive at the same false discovery rates for both low and high accuracy mass spectrometry data. Modelling work aimed to explain observed epidemiological patterns and to explore the potential impact of interventions.