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Topina (Topiramate)

Topina is a very potent anticonvulsant that is structurally different from other AEDs. It is derived from D-fructose and initially was developed as an antidiabetic drug. In animal models, it was found to have potent antiepileptic effects. Topina has multiple mechanisms of action. It exerts an inhibitory effect on sodium conductance, decreasing the duration of spontaneous bursts and the frequency of generated action potentials, enhances GABA by unknown mechanisms, inhibits the AMPA subtype glutamate receptor, and is a weak inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase. Topina is absorbed rapidly after oral administration and has a bioavailability close to 100%. When it is administered at regular doses, food delays but does not affect the extent of absorption.

Other names for this medication:
Topiramate, Topamax, Epitomax, Letop, Neutop, Piramax, Talopam, Topamac, Topictal, Topigen, Topilex, Topimax, Topina, Topiramato, Topirol, Toplep,

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Topina is also used for the management of alcohol dependence. Talk to your doctor about the risks of using this medication for your condition.

This medication may be prescribed for other uses. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

topina meaning of names

Age-related alterations of CMI were observed as well, but they correlated little with those of walking. Recognizing that laboratory results are often not transferable to real-life situations, the purpose of the present study was to evaluate imagery performance in the elderly with a more real-life-like approach. Structure of loricae and stalks of several bacterivorous chrysomonads (chrysophyceae): taxonomical importance and possible ecological significance.

topina meaning of name

This study suggests that absolute spike frequency does not predict seizure outcome after anterior temporal lobectomy unlike in selective procedures, and should not be used as a prognostic factor in this population. Synaptic plasticity and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis: implications for multiple sclerosis. The results indicate that this N-terminal domain has already got all the elements necessary for an C-terminal domain independent folding.

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Stereospecific (3H)(minus)-alprenolol binding sites, beta-adrenergic receptors and adenylate cyclase. Physicians tended to rate staff and group model plans more positively than did other plans. The objective of our study was to assess the efficacy and safety of glutaraldehyde cross-linked collagen injection in the treatment of female urinary stress incontinence. Modern architecture is creating air-conditioned offices in our society. This isolation may negatively impact on care coordination and information sharing.

topina drug abuse

Randomized, double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial in a tertiary referral center, with 12 subjects in the active treatment arm and 11 subjects in the placebo arm. chinensis has neuroprotective potential through blocking oxidative stress-induced damage and that luteolin and wedelolactone contribute to the protective action.

topina drug addiction

Conformational changes in the hemoglobin S system as seen by proton binding. A recent study implicates fibrillin-1, a component of extracellular matrix microfibrils, in the pathogenesis of a murine model of MVP. The authors focus on a microwave imaging problem where the hybrid element (HE) method is used in conjunction with a dual mesh scheme in an effort to image complex wavenumbers, k(2).

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Prevention of simian virus 40 tumors by hamster fetal tissue: influence of parity status of donor females on immunogenicity of fetal tissue and on immune cell cytotoxicity. The aim of this study was to determine perioperative prognostic factors for in-hospital mortality in coronary artery bypass grafting patients who received the intraaortic balloon pump.

topina drug interaction

Morphometric Changes of the Lumbar Intervertebral Foramen after Percutaneous Endoscopic Foraminoplasty under Local Anesthesia. Our data indicate that elF1 and elF1A both facilitate the binding of the elF2 x GTP x Met-tRNAi complex to the 40S ribosomal subunit to form the 43S complex.

topina meaning of names

The main outcome measures were incidence of graft infection, microbial profile, and graft survival status. To our knowledge, nuclear positivity for TFE3 has been previously reported in only 5 cases of PEComa. The patient underwent stress echocardiography because of discrepant findings in transthoracic echocardiography and cardiac catheterization regarding the severity of aortic valve stenosis. The width of the genital hiatus was the same in both groups at rest and it widened during bearing down in all but two 3-para women. RealAmp Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification as a Point-of-Care Test for Diagnosis of Malaria: Neither Too Close nor Too Far.

topina drug information

Many patients with possibly curable INPH often are misdiagnosed as having AD or vascular dementia. Arch reconstruction without circulatory arrest: historical perspectives and initial clinical results.

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Curriculum in physician-patient communication skills for new faculty. Routine histology, cytochemistry, and ultrastructural analysis were used to study this case. Routine diagnostic procedures included ultrasound, MRI, or contrast-enhanced spiral CT of the upper gastrointestinal tract in all patients.

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We specified cognitive impairments associated with different types of resting-state EEG deviations in ADHD children. Massive pulmonary embolism associated with a right ventricular myxoma. Treatment of severe hypertension with chlorpromazine and frusemide.

topina drug testing

In developed countries, cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death. Frozen-section analysis, followed by ultrastaging of the nodal sample, minimizes the need for reoperations and decreases the risk of false negatives. These infections are often caused by Escherichia coli and Proteus mirabilis.

topina drug abuse

Subjects with an abnormal BMI had an increased risk of an inadequate response leading to cancellation but if the response was adequate then the outlook was good. Allergic contact dermatitis from natural rubber latex without immediate hypersensitivity.

topina meaning of names

This may be because conventional methods of measuring blood pressure changes are too imprecise and not optimally timed. Serum levels of TNF-alpha and its soluble type two receptors (sTNFRII) were measured with ELISAs in 15 cardiac transplant recipients. The aim of this study was to compare rates of schizophrenia and other psychoses in immigrants and their children of different ethnic groups with the majority population in Sweden in relation to social adversity. Assessment of tailor-made HPMC-based matrix minitablets comprising a weakly basic drug compound. The toxicology of hydroquinone--relevance to occupational and environmental exposure.

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ATM and genome maintenance: defining its role in breast cancer susceptibility. Suitable increments of the dissected LN count would not increase the post-operative complication rate. sox30: a novel zebrafish sox gene expressed in a restricted manner at the midbrain-hindbrain boundary during neurogenesis.

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topina drug mart

Mechanism of action of a microsomal inhibitor of protein synthesis potentiated by oxidized glutathione. The purpose of this study is to provide further validation on the use of MSI for presurgical language lateralization by comparing results against the IAP. HBV-active NAs applied from 24 h before inoculation could not prevent the secretion of hepatitis B surface antigen into the culture medium, and cessation of the NAs after inoculation allowed the cells to establish an apparent HBV infection. Consistently, FoxO3 could interact with STAT3 and inhibit POMC promoter activity, whereas FoxO4 could not bind to STAT3 or affect POMC promoter activity.

captisol enabled topiramate and weight

The catalytic activity was totally dependent on calcium, and factor Va (500 nM) enhanced the catalytic efficiency of fgl2 by increasing the apparent V(max) value to 3670 mol/min/mol fgl2 and decreasing the apparent K(m) value for prothrombin to 7.2 microM. In murine air pouches, 15R/S-methyl-LXA4 dramatically inhibited TNF-alpha-stimulated leukocyte trafficking, as well as the appearance of both macrophage inflammatory peptide 2 and IL-1beta, while concomitantly stimulating IL-4 in pouch exudates. Sympatric lizards often partition their niche and select different microhabitats. Multidrug intravenous sedation: determinants of the sedative dose of midazolam.

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The type X collagen gene is the classical marker of hypertrophic chondrocytes. He was successfully managed with antibiotics, lung protective strategies and intravenous pulse dose steroids. Polyriboadenylate synthesizing activity in chromatin of wheat seedlings.

topiramate 25 mg usage

Analysis of the distribution and expression of claudin-1 tight junction protein in the oral cavity. Comparative studies on some herpes simplex virus strains with different locations. Symptom tallies and raw audio waveforms are recorded and made easily accessible for later review by a healthcare provider. Thus, AGEs appear to induce specific signal transduction pathways.

biobizz topamax vs generic topiramate

Shear viscosities results indicated improved compatibilization as the organoclay content was increased. Tonic inspiratory muscle activity as a cause of hyperinflation in histamine-induced asthma.

topina drug information

Synthesis of phospholipids in microstructures, prepared by the interaction of ammonium thiocyanate, minerals, calcium acetate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and formaldehyde. A randomized trial comparing day and residential drug abuse treatment: 18-month outcomes. Advances in maize genomics and their value for enhancing genetic gains from breeding. Benefits on exercise tolerance seem to be greater in patients with CAD or COPD when compared to healthy subjects.

topina meaning of name

This may underlie effects of food labels on the consumption experience of consumers. They also believed that midwives should routinely repair simple second-degree perineal tears. Clinical evaluation of safety and human tolerance of electrical sensation induced by electric fields with non-invasive electrodes. Endoscopic endonasal surgery for nonadenomatous sellar/parasellar lesions.

successful use of add on topiramate for antipsychotic induced weight gain

To analyze the contribution of the FcR gamma chain or the beta2 integrin CR3 (CD11b/CD18) in FcalphaRI biological function, FcalphaRI transgenic mice were crossed with either FcR gamma chain -/- or CR3 -/- mice. Compression vertebral fracture in osteoporosis--prevention and treatment The current study suggested that postoperative radiotherapy increased local control even for patients with small tumors. There is no evidence to suggest an increased risk to newborns whose mothers take drugs to prevent or treat influenza during pregnancy, research suggests. Phylogenetic reconstructions of concatenated CNEs broadly recovered accepted mammal relationships despite high levels of sequence conservation.

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Human papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr virus and p53 mutation in vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia. The differing results by sex are not easily interpretable, though it may be useful to target those with a higher sensitivity to the sun when formulating messages for prevention of melanoma by lowering exposure to UV. Sensitization is a form of nonassociative learning in which a strong or noxious stimulus persistently enhances the response produced by a weaker stimulus.

topina drug test

Psychosocial dysfunction was a nettlesome of schizophrenia even in their prodromal phase as well as first episode and its relations with psychopathology were not determined. Direct-acting vasodilators and short-acting beta(1)-adrenergic antagonists should be immediately available, and intraarterial blood pressure monitoring should be seriously considered when providing care for patients undergoing RFA of an adrenal mass. Findings reveal that much of the legislative activity occurred early after the HPV vaccination was introduced, and focused on increased information for parents, public financing, awareness campaigns, etc. Tolosa-Hunt syndrome, although rare, is a nosological entity that otolaryngologists must bear in mind.

night eating syndrome treatment topiramate migraine

The results of proteoglycan content from this mechanical test are remarkably consistent with those from standard biochemical assay. Effective mobilization of ascites is rare, and hypotension is common. 120 Greek patients with advanced cancer were interviewed with the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire C30 version 3.0 (EORTC QLQ-C30), the Greek Brief Pain Inventory (G-BPI), the Greek Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (G-HADS) and the Greek Schedule of Attitudes toward Hastened Death (G-SAHD). The method was less successful, 35-70 percent, between gestational weeks 28 and 34.

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Mediastinoscopic extirpation of mediastinal ectopic parathyroid gland. These results provide insight into the signaling pathways by which triggering of CD2 and CD16 on NK cells leads to cytolysis of target cells.

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Monocytes Seeded on Engineered Hypertrophic Cartilage Do Not Enhance Endochondral Ossification Capacity. We demonstrate that hESC-derived NPCs are highly vulnerable to JEV infection at a low multiplicity of infection (MOI).

topina drug addiction

General anaesthesia was associated with severe episodes of hypertension in two patients. An alpha helix (helix 6) at the C-terminal end of the acidic domain of one of the interacting monomers lies at the cleft of the two protomers. Tumor-Associated Macrophages and Regulatory T Cells Infiltration and the Clinical Outcome in Colorectal Cancer. Prion disease incubation time is not affected in mice heterozygous for a dynein mutation. There is no one explanatory theory of suicidal behaviour, and various combinations of sociological and biological/medical interventions are required to reduce associated mortality and morbidity.

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Our results indicate that the complication rates in near-total thyroidectomies performed by residents and attending surgeons are similar. The mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes syndrome (MELAS) is a rare congenital disorder of mitochondrial DNA. Physiologic variables of cardiopulmonary function were measured during and after treatment. Tumour cell motility, which is dependent on the organization of the cytoskeleton, is considered to play an important role in the spread of malignant melanoma.

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Cis-acting regulatory elements and trans-acting factors appear to be involved in both stage- and tissue-specific demethylation processes. However, the precise drug selection is often difficult and intimidating given the sheer abundance of drug therapies available. Space Allowance of the Littered Area Affects Lying Behavior in Group-Housed Horses. Tetanic stimulation results in saturation of postsynaptic GABA(A) receptors in the rostral nucleus of the solitary tract (rNST) and GABA diffusion defines the decay time course of the inhibitory potentials or currents (IPSP/Cs).

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Individuals with high object imagery (high-OI) produce more vivid mental images than individuals with low object imagery (low-OI), and they encode and process both mental images and visual stimuli in a more global and holistic way. The aim of this study, therefore, was to investigate dentoalveolar stress distribution by lingual and distal tipping tooth movements using FE models of individual teeth based on the limited cone beam CT (3DX) images. B6.Nba2 blood dendritic cell antigen 2 (BDCA-2)-diphtheria toxin receptor (DTR)-transgenic (Tg) mice were treated intraperitoneally with DT 3 times weekly starting at 4 weeks or 12 weeks of age and analyzed at 12 weeks and 18 weeks of age, respectively. Temperature may have driven the evolution of both geographic clines and within-site shifts.

topina drug enforcement

The advent of genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility has raised concurrent psychosocial issues. The locations of dipole sources of SEP in the both hemisphere were symmetrical. Here, we present an overview of the developmental mechanisms that are thought to underlie the formation of synaptic layers in the vertebrate retina, a highly laminated CNS structure. In bioassays with the ant Crematogaster lineolata, the secretion was shown to be potently deterrent, indicating that the fluid plays a defensive role in nature. After administration of tetracycline and calcein, the animals were sacrificed 60 days after surgery.

topiramate 25 mg ingredients in benadryl

We evaluated tracheal injury associated with ETTs with novel high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) cuffs and subglottic secretions aspiration (SSA) and the effects on mucociliary clearance (MCC). Regulation of immunity by lysosphingolipids and their G protein-coupled receptors. Satisfaction survey in general hospital personnel involved in blood transfusion: implementation of the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. We wanted to compare two protein family databases, one based on structural and one on sequence similarity, to investigate to what extent they overlap, the similarity in definition of corresponding families, and to create a list of large protein families with unknown structure as a resource for structural genomics.

topina meaning of name

The authors examined the influence of demographic, clinical, and process factors on attrition from a longitudinal study of 286 substance abusers recruited at a central intake unit. Total intravenous anesthesia is safer and more practical for thoracic procedures performed outside of the operating room, such as offsite locations, military field or impoverished areas of the world. These findings suggest that (1) 1 night of diagnostic testing for SDB is not sufficient to diagnosis SDB in approximately 1 of every 10 cases, and (2) there is little, if any, significant nightly change in SDB in the home environment. The development of claw toe deformity following fracture of the tibia in children has not been described in our review of the literature. A comparative study of rat and human Tmp21 (p23) reveals the pseudogene-like features of human Tmp21-II.

topiramate and alcohol craving

Here, we tested the recently proposed hypothesis that in the absence of the DAT, the norepinephrine transporter (NET) could provide an alternative uptake site for DA clearance. On the other hand, toner adhesion to glass is weaker than to polyester, which limits the device lifetime and usable liquid media. Serum calcitonin levels and Tc-99m DMSA (V) scans are used in the follow-up of these patients after surgical resection.

topina drug test

In effort to preserve the function of upper extremities, limb-salvage surgery became the treatment of choice for soft-tissue sarcomas. Perfusion per unit alveolar volume was more uniformly distributed than normally in the upright posture, and decreased from superior to inferior in the supine posture. The aim of the study was to examine differences and similarities in knowledge in the two populations and to examine which sources of information about hiv and aids the respondents had been exposed to and which were most appreciated. Data on dysthymia and personality presented here are derived from the Zurich cohort study, which followed 591 subjects from the ages of 20 to 35. Mutations in the LUMINIDEPENDENS (LD) gene of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh.

captisol enabled topiramate and weight

One of three concentrations (3, 10, or 30 mg/kg) of CGS 26303 was injected twice daily, and all animals were killed by perfusion fixation 48 hours after SAH occurred. The influence of maxillary gingival exposure on dental attractiveness ratings. First, we found that rodents had a burst of stimulus-triggered 4 Hz oscillations in the medial frontal cortex (MFC) during interval timing tasks. The same tripartite derepression occurred in wild-type strain 74A when it was grown in medium supplemented with 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole, an inhibitor of histidine biosynthesis. In the present study, these lines of rats were assessed to determine whether they also differ in their neurophysiological responses during an associative learning paradigm.

caffeine addiction symptoms withdrawal topiramate

When both parental pronuclei were formed, the zygotes were fixed and labeled with antibodies against histones methylated or acetylated at different positions (residues). Emerging of bedside dosages cause an increasing interest for this peptide as marker in various clinical situations with heart failure. A biopsy of the tumor showed a fibromatosis with medullary compression, treated by antimitotics until 3 months of age. Both hs-CRP and the WBC count may independently of each other predict early outcomes in STEMI patients treated with primary PCI, which suggests different pathological significance of these 2 non-specific inflammatory markers in STEMI.

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topina drug abuse 2010-11-01

Experiments conducted in neuron-like differentiated rat victadol tab pheochromocytoma cells (PC12 cells) show that the alpha3, beta2, and beta4 nAChR subunits are ubiquitinated and that their ubiquitination is necessary for degradation. The model is a two-dimensional map that contains one fast and one slow variable.

topiramate 25 mg ultrafarma remedios 2014-04-06

Implications for rehabilitations Older adults exhibited decreased postural stability. The patient did not accept the proposed examination and invasive treatment. Endothelial cells (ECs) represent the critical cellular element responsible for postnatal angiogenesis. To compare the diagnostic performance klonopin generic manufacturers of alprazolam of 18F-fluorocholine positron emission tomography/computed tomography (FCH-PET/CT), multiparametric prostate magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI), and a combination of both techniques for the detection of local recurrence of prostate cancer initially treated by radiation therapy.

caffeine addiction symptoms withdrawal topiramate 2018-09-04

An increased heparin-releasable LPL activity in diabetic rats was demonstrated shortly (6 to 24 hours) after STZ injection or after withdrawal from exogenous insulin. Whether other inbred strains of mice show similar responses aldoril side effects to housing condition is unknown. Low frequency dynamics of disordered XY spin chains and pinned density waves: from localized spin waves to soliton tunneling. Stomata will open when water is available to allow for the uptake of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

topiramate 25 mg emagrecedor 2016-10-25

Acute glaucoma in the course of treatment with aerosols of ipratropium bromide and dutasteride fda alopecia salbutamol This patch was isolated through the application of a tangential clamp that was oriented parallel to the axis of the aorta. Our approach to exploring trade-offs in management outcomes through integrated modeling and structured decision-support approaches has wide application for situations in which trade-offs exist between competing conservation objectives. We find that initially rDNA amplification is restricted to two separate and highly confined regions of the nucleus.

successful use of add on topiramate for antipsychotic induced weight gain 2011-04-29

This study examines whether there is an association between alcoholism and either a variable number of tandem repeat located upstream of the MAOA gene clavucid solutab 500/125 amc pill or an EcoRV functional polymorphism of the MAOA gene. Two additional alpha-helices, unique to the LysN structure, flank the N terminus of the OB-fold. Low ECP provides a non-invasive and easily available measure for the prediction of SCD and may help in identifying men with high risk for SCD.

losartan pill images for topiramate 2012-12-14

To describe the use of daptomycin in patients with septic arthritis. para que sirve el medicamento celecoxib de 200 mg Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D) and Clinical Global Impressions scale (CGI) ratings were used to monitor therapeutic efficacy. In the presence of nonproliferating Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells, and consequently during alcoholic fermentation, the enzymatic reduction of 1-octen-3-one and (Z)-1,5-octadien-3-one to much less odorant compounds, namely 3-octanone and (Z)-5-octen-3-one, was shown.

drug name topiramate 2012-03-19

Adrenergic control of the peripheral circulation in cardiomyopathic hamsters with heart failure. Introduction: Lessons Learnt from the Use of Cytokines and Cytokine Antagonists. Recent advances in targeted anticancer therapies have substantially monocor medication information improved the prognosis of several cancers. Metaproteomic analysis of biocake proteins to understand membrane fouling in a submerged membrane bioreactor.

losartan pill images for topiramate 2016-12-10

Furthermore the prick tests and the scratch tests with cochineal dye and carminic acid, the major ingredient of cochineal dye, were also positive. Hamsters from 10L had substantially smaller and lighter testes than those from bread halwa recipe with kovar 16L. trachomatis and diverging results considering whether women are at increased risk following infection. The depressive disorder diagnosis and differential diagnosis were made using the Structured Clinical Interview for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition text revision (SCID). A structured questionnaire on the diagnosis and management was completed for each case.

topiramate for pain dose 2017-05-28

Precisely how age or malaria infections influence the function of lamitrin 25 mg cenac these regulators is unknown. A neural network architecture was structured by modifying the number of hidden layers, neurons and learning iterations. Over the next several years, efforts aimed at gene identification, DNA sequencing, correlation of genetic and physical maps, and manipulation of large segments of DNA will lead to identification of numerous candidate genes for positional analysis and will provide ample opportunity to identify the genetic abnormalities in other cardiovascular disorders. L-amino acid oxidase, phosphodiesterase, total protein and other properties of juvenile timber rattlesnake (C. Anatomy of nasolacrimal canal in congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction - 18 cases retrospective study.

topiramate mechanism of action in migraine headaches 2016-10-20

The linear quadratic model of radiation effect and the biologically effective dose concept can sometimes be used to provide radiobiological compensation for errors that have occurred in radiotherapy dose delivery. The Treponema pallidum haemagglutination test magnesium diasporal 400 nebenwirkungen diclofenac (TPHA) was used to demonstrate syphilis antibodies in filter paper-dried whole blood from 25 000 neonates in Lower Saxony.